The potential of conflicts in groups of Fil a l’Agulla – ENG

The potential of conflicts in groups

Introduction to conflict management experience-based workshop

Our beliefs concerning conflicts and the tools we have to manage them indicate to a large extent our capacity to improve, grow and be in contact with our sense of groups, collectives and organizations.

During this workshop we will work, on the one hand, the attitudes and patterns we have individually and collectively when facing conflictive and tense situations as an essential first step in their positive management. In other words, we will reflect on questions such as: how do I feel when there’s a conflict? Am I scared? Do I feel like I have done something wrong when one appears? Do I feel like they are someone’s fault? Do I see them as an opportunity to grow? Do I avoid them? Do I confront them? Do they generate aggressiveness in me? Do I like them?

On the other hand, we will introduce some basic skills to manage conflicts, such as:

  • The ability to identify a conflict in its first phases when tension is not yet too high.

  • The ability to stop and make the group aware of what is happening.

  • The ability to work with oneself before, during and after a conflict.

The method we will use will be a combination of theoretical explanations and dialog with the group, as well as practical exercises and little demonstrations with real examples that the participants propose. It will thus be an opportunity to learn from our own conflicts and difficulties as well as those from others.

The basic paradigm we will be using is that of Process  Work. Its basic principle is deep democracy. Deep democracy entails an attitude of welcoming every voice, level of experience and communicative style. It begins with the assumption that groups already have what they need to continue growing, so all that is needed is to guide and assist them as they gain consciousness of their totality, helping them notice and include attitudes, ideas and feelings that are usually excluded in the group’s culture. To facilitate groups in this journey, one must be able to perceive subtle signs, remain present in tense situations, be able to facilitate relational conflicts and individual processes, as well as have the ability to reflect on one’s own conflicts at the same time.




Neus Andreu

Founding member of the cooperative Fil a l’Agulla. Law degree and trained in conflict resolution. Facilitator and therapist. Currently, studying the Diploma in Process Work in the UK. She has over 10 years experience in the training of trainers in different areas. Has experience and passion for group facilitation, especially when they are in difficult and sensitive situations.

Boris Sopko

Facilitator, psychologist and psciotherapist. Diploma in Process Work in the UK. He has over 15 years of professional experience working with individuals, couples and groups. He has trained and facilitated groups in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Catalunya and the United Kingdom. In Eslováquia, he is involved in a project of mediation between the Roma community and the majority, and also in facilitating Open Forums focused political and social issues.



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