The Maranya is a meeting designed for people who work in collectives and groups, in order to reflect and become aware of relationships that occur in group processes. We will pay attention to conflict, diversity and collective care, and how this affects us, offering tools to improve the experiences that we live in these areas.

We want it to be a space to share group experiences from personal experiences that happen when being a part of a group. Our proposal is to do it from participatory, creative and experiential methodologies that come from Process Work, the Theatre of the Oppressed, Narrative, amongst others.


The reason why we have started to develop La Maranya from Curcuma is we understand that is necessary to make spaces to generate awareness for working in group relations, and provide tools to facilitate coexistence within groups.

Considering the difficulty that sometimes working in groups generates, we propose to present methodologies that help us to understand what happens in collective processes.


Why is convivial ?

The workshop is residential to seize the opportunity created when a group of people live together in community during the course of a workshop. Meals, time-shares between sessions and nights are all moments of tremendous potential for the community, which could not happen at all if, at the end of the day, all participants went home to sleep

Who can participate ?

The workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in the subject and have experience of not being part of a group ( collectively, team, asamblea, project, organization. )

The Maranya is intended to be a participatory workshop. So we ask all those interested in participating to be open to see what can they offer. We see this as being an essential part of the conference. We propose exchanges of experience, activities for the evenings, and all proposals that may result in the 5 days together .

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