“Communities in Motion: between diversity and common”

In the last years we are experiencing a series of global-local  “revolutions” of communities and citizens mobilizing and gathering to ask for justice and true democracy, this is a welcome and expected reaction to post-capitalist in which we are living.  

But what happens after and during a community is “set in motion”, when identity and social structure is challenged by the spirit of ‘Communitas’?

What limits us as individuals and groups to take another step towards collective liberation and transformation of consciousness?

How can theater and art contribute and lead us towards recognizing the joy of being joint by our diversity and live by our humanity?      

In the workshop we will explore these questions and others by putting in scene stories and desires for personal and collective transformation.

We will use Theater of the oppressed techniques like Image theater and Cops in the head as well as participatory photography and creative writing.

In these workshop the result is led by the process, the process is led by the group and the group is led by the needs and desires of the individuals that make it.

TheAlbero is an Artistic Collective created by Uri Noy Meir and Ilaria Olimpico.

We believe in Art and Theatre as tool for creative expression, active participation, bringing consciousness and personal and social transformation; it promotes imagination as a fundamental element to inspire paradigmatic change and open the doors for other possible worlds. We organize workshops for children, young people and adults, training for social workers and educators, interactive performances and international events. We use in our practice a varied methodology aimed at encouraging the different attitudes of expression and learning of everybody, it integrates Theatre of the Oppressed, Narrative Circle, Storytelling and Participatory Photography.

The approach of TheAlbero is: maieutic (the facilitation is a dialogue, an open and welcoming process), intercultural (interculture is meant as a sociocultural attitude-practice and a sociopedagogic approach that is open to the otherness, promotes plurality of visions, and values diversity) gender (gender education means to question gender stereotypes and patriarchal society).

Uri Noy Meir, a participatory arts facilitator and theater artist, has led transformative workshops and training seminars for activists, educators, social workers and artists in Nepal, India, Northern Ireland, the Us, Israel-Palestine, Estonia, Croatia, Holland, Georgia and Italy. Uri has trained with renowned Theater of the Oppressed (TO) practitioners and in his practice he explores the borders and meeting points of TO with other “neighboring” approaches and methodologies. He is also involved in developing networks of Theater of the Oppressed practitioners all over the world using the internet as a platform for sharing meaningful and trans-formative work all around the globe. He is interested in Transition Town movement and Permaculture.

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